5 x 5 Foam Mat

5 x 5 Foam Mat

This is a nice little foam mat for small projects. If you’re making felted hearts or acorns or little mushrooms, this is definitely as big as you need. Is also a great travel sized mat if you like to take small projects along with you to work on away from home.

This is the mat I recommend for anyone new to felting who doesn’t want to invest yet in burlap or wool and is felting on a small scale. All of our sculpting kits (except Fall Leaves) will work fine with this mat.

Measures 5 in. square, and 2 in. thick.

2nd picture shows this mat in comparison to our large mat that is 10 in. square.


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The one thing not included in most of our kits is a mat to use as a work surface. One mat will last awhile – choose from wool, burlap or foam depending on your budget and type of project.

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